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You are passionate about being the best leader you can be ... A leader who inspires, encourages, challenges, coaches, and supports every member of your team. But sometimes you find yourself challenged by the tough conversations you need to have, or you get frustrated by the poor performance of some employees. And you know that sometimes you don't handle things in the best way. Yet you truly want to be recognized as a powerful, authentic, and trusted leader. This online program will give you clarity on how your leadership trust level is currently affecting you and the people around you. It will show you how to communicate in a trustworthy way so that people buy in. And it will help you move beyond being just a manager and into a highly trusted, inspiring leader. You will also discover how to create a psychologically safe workplace environment for your team and uncover the true source of power in leading people through trust.
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What the program includes

15 hours of powerful learning!

Your online program includes 5 steps of amazing content about the 5 qualities of a high-trust leader including a learning video in each step describing important learning points about culture, trust and how to beat the five trustbusters, and live the five trust builders! Also you will gain access to worksheets for each step to ensure you stop, think, feel, and reflect about what you have learned, and how you are going to show up as a leader with your new awareness ... PLUS! You get five coaching podcasts from the program coaches having conversations about how to build deeper understanding of the core principles of high-trust leadership! There’s so much great content! All of the strategies inside will give you the results you’re looking for FAST by moving you beyond your current way of leading and into something truly powerful, inspiring and engaging.
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What other participants are saying

Julie H, Alberta, Canada

Written with me in mind ...

Julie H, Alberta, Canada

"I was delighted by the entire Lead Your Culture From The Inside program. At times, I felt like it was written with me in mind. I really did. It was so on point with everything I think I do wrong as a leader that it was almost scary! When I was going through the program, I have realized that I am the living proof of those trust busters. I was surprised to see how many I actually was doing. Having said that, the first step to progress and change is to be able to recognize where you went or go wrong. This program is great! For leaders like me, this is exactly what I need to grow into the leader that I want to be."
V Stewart, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

How I can better address conflict

V Stewart, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

"What was really useful in the program was reading about my Trustbusting Mindset in two areas and how I could see that it could be impacting those under my leadership. It was also helpful to hear simple language in the podcast to help me embrace ways to improve simple things in my way of leading. The program helped me understand the way I need to address conflict and know that I can only control my thoughts / reactions / emotions. I need to be responsible in the way I choose my words and actions towards others. I am going to find a more nurturing way of talking to self. I am going to set more realistic standards to live up to. I need to aim for success, not perfection. I also want to do what I feel in my heart is right - creating equality in relationships with my staff."

Easy to navigate and follow


"Being someone who is highly visual and kinaesthetic, I really appreciated the handouts to read and work through. The opportunity to reflect about my own vulnerability and trust buster blueprints was very helpful. The website was easy to navigate and follow. I found the learning very informative and helpful when reflecting about my own confidence, resilience, and trustbusters as a leader. I realized I have a lot of work to do! I could see some of my own areas of growth, yet I also felt hopeful that I could do the work, and make adjustments necessary so that I would be a more empathetic and effective leader. I am going to continue focusing on being less self critical and accepting of myself, showing more vulnerability to others, and taking time and not rushing to the next task (this includes taking time for myself so I don't burn out, and realizing others don't necessary thrive on my urgency!). I found the program very informative and beneficial and it really helped me reflect on areas that I can improve on. To learn is to grow...and this was a wonderful learning opportunity. Thank you!"

The Five Steps

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Your Program Coaches

  • Amanda Knight

    Program Coach

    Amanda Knight

    Amanda has held senior leadership positions in HR, Marketing & Communications, and is an entrepreneur, speaker, author and professional diversity coach. Her work is driven by her passion for creating great workplace cultures by helping leaders recognize that leadership is a privilege, not a right, and by designing and implementing heart-centred people systems that facilitate cultural transformation and respectful workplaces. Amanda demonstrates her thought leadership on emotional intelligence, leadership, and organizational culture through her published work, co-authoring ‘Applied EI’ published by Wiley in 2006, and as the designer and proprietary owner of The SRQ - an online assessment and development tool powered by a new level of emotional intelligence that helps individuals explore their ability to truly connect and influence.
  • Connie Warner

    Program Coach

    Connie Warner

    Connie is an entrepreneur and Executive Coach, certified in assessing behaviour, values, skills, and Emotional Intelligence. She has been assisting businesses, organizations, educators and all levels of government with issues of controlling quality and empowering their people since 1994. In her early career Connie ran a successful realty firm and managed a post-secondary college. Connie shares her thought leadership on leadership, behaviour and emotional intelligence as a speaker and through her podcast 'Leaders Need A Push Too'. She is grateful to be able to pass on her wisdom to support leaders and their people in their professional development journey. “The work I do today fulfills the passion of my heart and my purpose for being."

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